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Stun Gun FAQs

There are a lot of Stun Guns out on the market… how can you be sure to find one that is right for you? Here are some tips that will help you narrow down your choice when purchasing an electroshock self-defense product.

Size Counts

Our Stun Guns range from ultra-concealable, lipstick look-alikes to a hiking staff that is comfortable using on the steepest trail. In the middle we have Stun Guns to use in a holster on the hip like a regular flashlight. A Stun Gun is only as good as the one you have on you, quickly available for your need. The best, most powerful Stun Gun left behind in a bedside drawer doesn’t do you any good if it is too large to carry on the streets when you need it.

The same as many women have a variety of shoes to wear for different occasions, it is quite normal to have a variety of Stun Guns to meet various needs. A discreet lipstick Stun Gun for classroom or clubbing, a larger, easier-to-use one built into a flashlight for the nighttime bedside, and a walking stick for outdoor fun will all provide protection when needed.

Power and More Power

All of our Stun Guns provide much more than 100,000,000 volts of energy – and this number is the very minimum you should have. More volts = more pain and disabling ability against your attacker. Generally speaking, the larger the battery, the longer the Stun Gun provides current, and this allows for longer shocks and multiple shocks against others. However, as with everything, there is a compromise between power and size. The more power, the larger the battery, the larger the Stun Gun must be.

Batteries and Duration

Batteries are either internal or removable, with the internal style rechargeable from a standard AC outlet. All of our Stun Guns come with the necessary recharger. The alkaline batteries are replaceable with standard batteries available almost everywhere.

Safety in Use

It is important that you don’t accidently fire up the Stun Gun when you don’t want to, and mistakenly zap your professor, your neighbor, or your little nephew climbing on your lap for a hug and kiss. Look for a trigger that is easy to reach and use, but still provides adequate protection against an inadvertent discharge.

Your Decision

Carrying a Stun Gun is a personal decision, and the type and style you carry is part of that decision. No one can tell you what is the “best” for you, but it is entirely in your hands. Look around our store and see if you can find something that makes sense for your needs and lifestyle.

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