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The Tragic Case of Haruka J. Weiser

Just the other day it was reported that a beautiful, young freshman dance major, Haruka J. Weiser, was found murdered on the campus of the University of Texas at Austin. She was last seen leaving the Winship Drama Building on a Sunday evening, heading toward her dorm. She never arrived.

Is it worth it for young, vulnerable college students to carry pepper spray or stun guns as a means of self-defense? That is a question that only they can answer individually. Both are not magic wands, able to protect the carrier from the universe of potential harms. But both can, at certain times and certain situations, provide a layer of protection that is difficult to achieve without them.

Would having a means of self-defense have saved her? We will never know. But we do know the horror that did happen. Should she have been given the choice? Should she have been given the consideration to carry regardless of what others may think?

Many states limit what people can carry for self-defense, which sometimes includes both pepper spray and stun guns. Many universities have their own rules limiting what students can have on their possession or in their dorm room. I will never tell you to break the law… or your university rules for that matter. But I will encourage you to take a moment to look at the picture of this young Child of God who’s life has been cut so tragically short.

If you are a college student… if you are the parent of a college student… or a sibling… or a friend… I encourage you to look around the store and see if any ideas for protection against those who seek to do evil come to mind.

Maybe you will choose a personal alarm which is legal everywhere. Maybe you’ll go for a lipstick pepper spray that it ultra-concealable but potent when needed. Whatever you choose please know that we are extremely willing to assist you in any way.

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