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Coyote Attacks and Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is good for more than just self-defense against two-legged critters who seek to do you and yours harm. Just a few days ago in Somersworth, New Hampshire, a woman looked out into her yard and saw a coyote attacking two of her pet dogs. The fight was as near to the home as being on the back porch. The pet-owner could only beat on the door and window hoping to scare the coyote off.

The coyote eventually left off the attack and ran away. One of the dogs had numerus bites and needed three hours of emergency surgery.

The same coyote struck again several miles away the next day when it attacked several more dogs playing in their back yard. These attacks could have easily been against children or other vulnerable people.

These are the kinds of situations where a firearm is not the best solution. Firing into a mass of fighting canines will put your own pet at risk of being shot. Getting close enough to ensure a solid shot on an attacking animal puts you at risk of being attacked yourself.

Non-lethal pepper spray and other tools we sell make an excellent choice in these situations. The burning sensation in the nose and mouth takes the fight out of almost any animal, and even if you inadvertently spray your own pet it is only a temporary disabling. Your dog will back to normal in a few hours.

I keep a small fire extinguisher in several locations around the home. I don’t expect a fire, but I want to be prepared if there is one. I also keep a can of pepper spray designed for animal control by the doors. I don’t anticipate ever using it, but I would rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it. I love my pets, and the coyotes can’t have them without a fight on my part.

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