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Review: Zap Stun Gun Cane

When you’re getting older and slower such as I am thoughts turn to a cane for assistance. While the concept has been around for tens of thousands of years, high-tech has finally caught up with the cane and the new Zap Stun Gun Cane combines three important tools for our use.

The Zap Stun Gun Cane looks just like any other cane — but hiding inside is a 1,000,000 volt stun gun that will put any attacker down on his rear. It adjusts to fit almost any height, and the good news for us that have put on a little weight is that it can hold up to 250 pounds of person.

The handsome, black care goes with any outfit and for any occasion. A built-in flashlight ensures you always have a lighted path in front.

The stun gun portion is covered by the bottom six inches of the cane. This means that you don’t have to put a precise point of the cane on the attacker. It makes a very satisfactory crackling sound that sounds like the electric chair is warming up when the power is turned on. The intimidation factor is high with this one.

Speaking of power, the trigger switch is easy to use but sufficiently difficult to accidently turn on. You won’t be inadvertently lighting up your 3-year old grandson when you reach over to pick him up. It recharges easily with the provided charger.

The very end of the cane has a hard rubber tip that will see you through many thousands of miles of use. But, if you are a heavy walker indeed it does come with an extra tip. It also comes with a study nylon carrying bag if you need to pack it away for safe keeping, or traveling with it.

The downside to the cane is that it is a stun gun, and some states prohibit the carrying of it, or even the basic ownership of such a tool. Please know your state laws before purchasing one. Also, while the TSA doesn’t question a passenger carrying a cane onto an air flight, this would be doubly-highly prohibited on board. As it works so well in the basic cane function I can imaging just forgetting about the stun gun part and trying to get it through airport and other security screenings.

I highly recommend the Zap Stun Gun Cane.

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