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Stun Guns and Rabbits

I, along with hundreds of thousands of other people across the United States, raise rabbits for for their meat. It is very healthy, inexpensive, and quite tasty. If you would like to get into the hobby I would encourage you.

I also sell and use Stun Guns. Occasionally the question comes up as to whether or not I use my Stun Guns on the rabbits to dispatch them, or the act of killing them to prepare them to be butchered. The short answer is “No.” Don’t even think about it if you raise rabbits (or chickens) to eventually eat. It just doesn’t work.

Fortunately I don’t speak about this from personal experience and trial. I am going off the efforts of other people who have tried it and reported on what happened. Again, it just doesn’t work.

Stun Guns are for use against people, and in emergencies they may or may not work against a larger animal. But please don’t use them on a rabbit in the hopes that is will humanely dispatch one in lieu of the many other traditional ways that actually work.

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