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Pepper spray best defense against vicious dog attack according to police

Tahlequah Daily Press

Warmer weather means area residents will be spending more time outdoors, and reports of dog bites seem to be increasing.

According to the Oklahoma State Statute, Title 4, Chapter 3 Section 44, a “dangerous” dog is defined as one that is responsible for injury on a person without provocation, whether that is on public or private property. One documented report gets the animal labeled a “dangerous” dog, and after two or more documented incidents, it is considered a “vicious” dog.

Stephen Tuttle took matters into his own hands, and said as far as he’s concerned, it’s open season for aggressive dogs. The law does allow the killing of a dog that is attacking livestock on private property.

“Shot at two dogs yesterday that were after my neighbor’s dog. Doubt if I killed either one, but I will not hesitate to shoot. Be a responsible pet owner,” said Tuttle.

While sheriff’s office officials said people should protect themselves if they meet face-to-face with a vicious animal, they do not recommend using a lethal weapon such as a gun.

“If you’re running or walking down the road and you think you might get attacked by a dog, use pepper spray. I would advise against shooting a dog in that situation, because we’ve had people prosecuted for that before, and there’s really no place that you’re going to be walking or running that’s going to be safe enough to be shooting,” said Chennault.

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