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Neighbors complain of vicious dogs after deadly attack

MEMPHIS, Tenn. ( A neighborhood is on edge after Memphis police say a man was mauled to death by a pack of dogs early Thursday.

The man was found in southwest Memphis.

Memphis police identified the victim as Mario Moore who was lying on the ground with deep cuts on his body.

Witnesses told police seven to eight aggressive dogs attacked the victim. he later died at this hospital.

Memphis Animal Services were called and picked up five of the dogs.

This is not the first time a dog attack has happened in the community.

Nikita Fullilove described how four large dogs bit her on Wednesday.

“I got bit all right here and I got bruises right here,” she shared. “I had to fall in order for them to get up off me.”

“I made it alive though,” said Fullilove. “Then I heard what happened to him, I was like, ugh. Sad.”

Fullilove’s family pointed out the dog which has harmed them in the past and usually roams at night.

They say it’s owned by a woman who lives across the street from them.

“The owner, she know her dogs attack people,” said Fullilove.

Meanwhile, residents are remaining on guard against vicious dogs.

“We always have to hit the freaking dogs in order for the freaking dogs to leave us alone,” said Fullilove. “Some come up and down the streets. Everywhere, they’re everywhere.”

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