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Massachusetts Stun Guns Laws Make it Difficult to Carry

[After Massachusetts was slapped down by the Supreme Court over their complete ban of stun guns, they had to change the law to make it allowable to carry. Here’s WWLP explaining how difficult it still it to legally carry a simple stun gun in the state. One would think they are talking about a small, tactical nuke instead of a stun gun.]

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – People can now legally possess stun guns in Massachusetts. But, you need to do more than just purchase one.

Stun guns have been legal in Massachusetts since June of last year, but a lot of people don’t realize you need to have a license to carry one.

Stun guns were illegal for average citizens in Massachusetts, until the state’s supreme court struck down the ban in 2018, ruling stun guns could be regulated, but not banned.

Stun guns are easy to find on websites like Amazon, but in order for your possession to actually be legal, you need a permit.

Chicopee Police Officer Mike Wilk told 22News, “It’s always been against the law to possess these type of devices, but that’s recently changed. So, a lot of people probably don’t know that. Now, you follow the same procedures as a license to carry and you have purchase one. You wouldn’t need another permit, if you already have a license to carry, they can absolutely purchase one of these”

A 35-year-old man from the town of Wales is facing charges including improper storage of a firearm and possession without a license, after attempting to sell stun guns and double edged knives at the Olde Hadley flea market over the weekend.

The Hadley police posted on Facebook reminding residents that they need to follow state licensing requirements if they’re going to buy any sort of stun gun.

Despite being legal for the last year, Edwin Lorens of Springfield told 22News that a lot of people still don’t know you need a permit. He said, “I didn’t realize that, I would just have one honestly. I don’t think it’s that bad to have a taser. I have a few friends that have tasers, I didn’t even know that they were illegal.”

There are also regulations for how you store your stun gun. They need to be secured in a locked container that only the person with that permit can access.

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