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Vicious Dogs Attacks Elderly Woman

Vicious dog attacks can happen any time, any place, to any person. That’s why it is important to have the mind-set and preparedness not to be a victim.

Marge Scott is now recovering from the bite wounds she sustained after she was attacked by two dogs outside her home last week.

The 83-year-old was mauled by two pit bulls in front of her home. According to FOX43, the dogs crept behind her.

One of the canines then grabbed her leg and bit her at least five times.

Another source said that dogs attempted to attack the Plymouth resident again despite biting her multiple times.

Scott even fell on her doorstep as she tried to break free from the vicious jaws of the dog. Fortunately, a neighbor saw the brutal incident and helped the elderly woman.

“She has several wounds some large, some puncture wounds. She also had stitches for some,” she said. Marge will be okay and has already started to take antibiotics “as rabies protocol.”

“I’m just glad to be alive, I got scared when I saw the bleeding,” expressed the elder Scott.

Scott, who also owns two dogs and a self-confessed “animal lover,” didn’t hold back when she agreed to whatever the authorities are planning to do to the animal and its owner.

“If you have an animal that’s your responsibility to take care of it, so whatever the pet warden does I’ll agree with them 100 percent. Whatever they do to the owner that’s on them.”

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