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NBC News Recommends Sound Alarms, Pepper Spray for College Students

According to NBC college students are vulnerable walking to and fro on campus, in any campus building, and even in their own dorm room. This means that more students are aware that it is up to them to provide some level of protection against attackers or those who seek to do them harm.

A “blue light tower” does no good if it is not immediately at hand or if a student is prevented by force from using it. Parents are helping by providing their college students self-defense tools that work the best.

A personal safety alarm is a small device about the size of an auto key fob. They hang off from a key chain, purse, or even attach to jogging or exercise clothing. Most of them are electronic alarms but there are some compressed air personal safety alarms such as the Mace® Screecher Alarm. They work by blasting a brutal level of noise – either a whistle or alarm sound – that disorients an attacker who is caught by surprise. They also alert everyone in about a block area that there is a problem. Carrying one directly in the hand, ready to use, is as easy as carrying auto keys.

Once triggered, the personal safety alarms have locks on them that can only be turned off by the owner. This keeps the attacker from simply taking it away and disabling it. Since most attackers prefer to do their deeds without notice the loud noise encourages them to seek easier, less-noticeable prey. A personal safety alarm may not necessarily drive the attacker away, but it should give the college student a few moments in which to escape to a safer place. If there are other people around it also brings them into the picture as they investigate the alarm.

Many of the personal safety alarms can also be used in a dorm or apartment room to secure a door. Just grab it on the way out and it reverts to a personal device.

Surprisingly, NBC also recommended college students carrying pepper spray where it is legal in the state and on campus. They declare it “effective in warding off an attacker.” Pepper spray or Mace allow someone to “fight back in the event of an attack” according to NBC News.

Pepper spray will disable an attacker for up to ten minutes, allowing a student to move or escape to a safe area or building. The effect is temporary and will not cause permanent damage. It is ideal for someone who is generally opposed to hurting or harming others but still want an effective, inexpensive way to protect themselves from others with less scruples.

Not Just Pepper Spray: Apps and Devices to Keep College Students Safe

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