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Let’s Calm Down, People

It’s the silly season with supporters for various presidential and other candidates in full swing supporting their preferred party and guy (or gal). Unfortunately, “swing” is what some people think is the best way to handle the often heated discussions.

Just the other a young lady at a presidential rally who opposed the candidate took issue with a attendee who supported the candidate. She pushed the elderly man, and then a few moments later took a swing at him. In return, she took a direct blast from a Mace spray full in the face. As she was hurrying away she was caught on camera admitting that “I deserved that.”

Maybe so. Maybe not. It was unlikely that she was going to physically harm the older gentleman, but perhaps it would not have stopped at that point. We don’t know. The Mace prevented it from going any further. The local police have indicated based upon the various videos available that they hold her accountable and may charge her with the initial assault.

However… my advice is just to calm down, and let each other support those whom we would support. You may like him and her, and I may like her and him, but we can agree that America works best when we have civil discussions about how to best plan for the future of the country. Pushing and swinging at one another does disservice to the very ideas of our freedoms and liberties.

Let’s keep the fists unraised and the Mace in its holster when we discuss politics.

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