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Criminals back on the streets

[Here is your answer as to why there is so much crime on the streets.]
Last December, 51-year-old Farrell M. Ditschinger was charged with assault and attempted robbery after an attack on a 71-year-old woman working at Juneau Street Market.
[He hit her more than 50 times with a pair of handcuffs he used as improvised brass knuckles. He also pulled a knife which, fortunately, broke during the attack. The victim was saved by a delivery driver who happened to pull up outside. He was caught nearby, arrested and charged.].
In the months since, King County Superior Court records show, he has twice been found incompetent to stand trial and both times sent to Western State Hospital for competency-restoration attempts. Last month, a report indicated that a third try at restoring competency was not likely to render him able to participate in his defense, and a judge dismissed the charges. However, the same report recommended reviewing him for civil commitment, suggesting he otherwise was at risk of endangering himself and others.
What happened from there, public records don’t show; the King County Jail Register shows him released from KCJ custody on September 10th, the date of the hearing.
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