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Campus Safety? It’s Up to You

College can be a great time of learning about yourself, and the greater world around you. Making a mistake on an exam can cost you grade points, but making a mistake about your personal safety can lead to real harm.

One college paper tried to give advice on the subject, and was a mixture of good points, bad points, and horrible points. Let’s take a closer look at their comments (in italics.)

Due to this open campus, SMU has measures in place to keep students safe, especially at night.

“I like the blue lights they make you feel more safe,” Sarah Stone, SMU Junior says.

“What that is is that if you push one of those blue light phones that will come directly to us, our police department or our dispatch,” Winn explains.

Yeah. Like your attacker is going to give you time to get to a “blue light” and press it. Sure. Or, perhaps they will seek to do you harm away from the blue light. After all, do most people attack others in the vicinity of a police officer?

When walking alone, paying attention is essential to stay safe. Many students, especially females, walk with their keys in their hands.

Punching someone with keys in your hand will give you broken fingers and not do a thing to stop an attacker. There are many more effective tools such as pepper spray or stun guns to protect yourself with. And many of them are now being disguised so that no one will be able to say, “Oh look, Susie has a stun gun.” Check our web-store and see many ways to protect yourself.

Yet somehow they forget all their safety measures when they arrive at home. Once in their apartments, houses or dorms, some students don’t even lock their doors. “One thing, is that you need to lock your areas, lock your doors…” Winn warns.

And the second thing you do is to put an alarm on it. Having an alarm on an apartment or dorm door is easy peasy with today’s tech. No muss, no fuss, and you can put it on the main door, or even just your bedroom door if you want.

SMU has measures likes its blue lights, TapRide and cameras, but students need to do their part to protect themselves and their property, so lock your doors and stay aware.

Do your part by looking around our web-store and seeing what works best for you.

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